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10/17/06 - 10/23/06
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Greetings from the ice palace. It is bone chilling lately. It is way too soon to have had this many frosts and cold days. Where's Indian summer? I suppose I shouldn't use that verbiage. The weather will be what it's going to be whether we complain or not! So enjoy! Put your parka and mukluks on and get going!

Bowling was ok. I bowled my average 2 out of 3 . I believe we took 5 out of 7 points. The other team was missing a bowler's handicap. I may have to retract this.

The deer are scurrying and the rut is near. I have heard of a few birds being shot. Soon we will be invaded by orange.

The month of October has been very good for businesses. With hunters and the influx of ATVers to the area. I am not complaining winter is right around the bend.

Halloween is right around the corner. Do you have your costumes? I think I may not partake this year. I don't like when it falls during the week.

The Pack is Back. Favre looked good. The Badger Red looked awesome as well. The queens won too. The Bears had a bye week. The world series is in force as well. Go teams go!

Not much else to report on. It seems everyone is healthy and happy and staying warm.

Until next week you all!

Quote of the week: "Peace is not a season. It is a way of life." unknown author



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