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11/14/06 - 11/20/06
Whew what a week. The orange suits were in full force. I have heard of a few nice bucks. Dave Webb bagged an eleven pointer...Mike Haraldson got a buck weighing 217 pounds--man that's mammoth.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. Nothing beats Mom's cooking. Also a very special day. It was Elliott's 9 birthday and my brother Larry was home from Indiana. I had many reasons to count my blessings. I am thankful for all my family and friends.
They week was exhausting. We saw many people we hadn't seen for quite some time. BUT we must make hay while the sun shines! It will be quiet now until Christmas break. A few hunters will be around. Muzzle loading hunters can still shoot the big buck. Then there is a special doe only season! Hunt hunt eat eat!
Bowling was fun this past week! I believe we moved into first place. We won all 7 points. I didn't bowl too well. My son and his friend accompanied me. I also had my first gutter ball of the year...right after Elliott asked if I had one. He sure did giggle!
The weather was warm for hunting season. That seems to be the norm as of late. November seemed to be our Indian Summer more the October.
I want to stop and say best wishes to my Uncle who has had surgery. Get better quick we miss you on Tuesday's. Our pool league starts Thursday night. Back to work for me! Remember Tuesday is open pool.
Until next time...have fun be safe!
Big Hugs
Quote of the week:  "Never eat more then you can lift!"  By Miss Piggy.



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