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11/21/06 - 11/27/06
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Welcome to our winter wonderland. It is really starting to look and feel like winter. The lakes are all froze with approximately -3 to 5 inches of ice and maybe more now. I have seen a few nice bucks over the last few weeks. There is a special T-Zone for does this weekend. It seems like deer season lasts forever.

I subbed for bowling this week. I should have stayed home. Better luck next week.

Our Pool Christmas party is Dec 21, is a time for fun, food, friends and holiday cheer. Everyone is welcome.

Speaking of pool Harry and Petey won all four games. Harry won the shootout! Hub and Sharon lost all four--no shoot off for the empty 12 pack. It was nice to see all the pool players and card players again.

Not much to report on as it has slowed down immensely.

Remember our special: Bloody Mary's any day-anytime 2 dollars. Stop in for our food specials as well. Come listen to Lore Merrill Wednesday nights...Wings are a quarter.

My thoughts and prayers to those who are sick....Jim Jornd, Uncle Ed and Mike Collins. Get well soon!

Until next week,
Big hugs!

Quote of the day: "One of the most joyful discoveries of life is that recognizing, affirming, and comforting another person we may find ourselves recognized, affirmed and comforted."
by Elisabeth Elliot



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