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11/28/06 - 12/04/06
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Greetings from no snow country! Argh! The warm weather and rain really played havoc on the winter conditions up north.
The snow is pretty much vanished. We did get a bit last night. The ice conditions on the lakes have deteriorated but they are still fishing. No motorized vehicles as there is about 4 inches of ice. Wayne's friend caught a lovely 31 inch Walleye. What a beaut!

I guess the weather is somewhat immaterial right now as everyone is hustling and bustling to get ready for the holiday season. Soon it will be here. I am progressing along getting all my stuff done.

Last Sat we hosted the State Bank of Drummond Christmas Party. All went well! I believe everyone had a nice time. The food went well, the music was great (thanks Ryan) and the beverages were plentiful...and oh course dancing was in full force. Thanks girls (Donna, Sam. and Mel) for choosing us to host your party.

Bowling this week was fun. I bowled fairly well with games of 188, 121 and 158. We played the first place team and took 5 out of 7 points I believe. Hard to remember what happened 2 days ago. Argh again!

Pool was fun as usually. Ken and Larry both won all 4 games and Ken was the winner in the shoot out. Remember all (and I mean everyone) is invited to our annual Employee/ Pool league Christmas Party Thursday at 6 p. m. It is a very fun night. We play pool, cribbage and drink, eat and be merry!

My condolences to the Rich Homich family of Iron River as he passed away last Friday.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike as he is awaiting surgery and too all those in need: My Mom, my uncle, my brother's extended family and all those facing health problems, social problems and holiday blues. Keep the faith.
Remember the real reason for the season.

There is still availability at the Motel for the Holidays. Call to place your reservations as rooms are filling up.
Remember our nightly specials and happy hour Monday-Friday. Lore is here on Wednesday nights for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Go Pack go Pack! Next week is the Superbowl for the 2nd time this year. Go Pack, go Pack and they play Thursday night. Same night as our party. It should be a real Superbowl :-)

That's about it for this week.....Have a lovely stressful week!

Hugs to all!!!


Quote of the week: "The greatest gift we can give one another is rapt attention to one another's existence."
by Sue Atchley Ebaugh



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