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12/05/06 - 12/11/06
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Greetings from the tropics of the north! The weather isn't cooperating for Santa. His sleigh is now an ATV. We have virtually no snow. Forecast says...(mind you says) a chance on Friday. I will believe it when I see it! Until then we are all doing the Santa snow dance. There is ice on the lakes but just enough to walk out and fish. Let's hope we get snow before cold weather. We all know what happens then.

I have had a stressful week as someone thinks my stuff is theirs. Please contact the police if you have any information. I would love to end this. In the mean time, security measures have been taken.

I am busily getting ready for the Holiday season. Not too worried as I try and remember the reason for the season. Friends, family, laughter, children and all the other religious connotations that are involved. Don't happy!

Remember our Christmas Pool Party is Thursday night Dec 21 at 6 p.m. Everyone is invited. The Packers also play in the Superbowl tonight. Go Pack beat Queens. Of course they are already one up! He, he! Badgers play on New Year's Day another fun day!

Bowling was a fun week! We had a Xmas luncheon and then bowled crazy bowl. It sure was fun! I bowled on Monday as well. I did ok. Bowling my average twice.

My sincere thoughts to those who are dreading this Holiday Season....Find a reason to be thankful. I am sure you can think of something. Help someone does the soul good.
To all those facing medical issues you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Happy Holidays to all of you and yours. Thanks for the patronage. Thanks for the kindness you all have showed throughout this nasty ordeal we are going through. My employees again have kicked it up a notch and given me their support. You guys/gals are the best!

Until next week....Merry safe and have fun!
Quote of the week: "If everything special and warm and happy in my formative years could have been consolidated into one word, that word would have been Christmas."
Gloria Gaither



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