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01/02/07 - 01/08/07
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Greetings from the ghost towns of the north. It sure is quiet up here after the holidays. We virtually have no snow. This is creating an economic slowdown. Our area businesses are really in trouble. As much as we love our local people we do rely on some tourism to carry us through the quiet times. Plain and simple we need snow and we need it now. But who am I to play Mother Nature. I guess I will have to lobby as the farmer's do! Hehe! I am not sure if snow is even forecasted. On the bright side the lakes are frozen and they are catching fish. Also most snowmobile trails are dual purpose and ATV's can ride them. Snow dance snow dance!

I am doing well after surgery for female stuff. I was in the hospital over night. I am now recovering at home. I also am thinking of Jan Vauk as she faces medical problems. Bonnie Jornd as she was taken to the hospital last night. Jack Kronberg who had a pace maker installed. And all those in need of thoughts and prayers. Get well soon.

I am not sure how my team bowled. I hadn't heard the results.

Pool was good last week. No one won all four games. However they did celebrate Wendell's birthday.
A bunch of people also celebrated in memory of Budgy Hall. They go up to Iron River in his memory and shoot pool and shoot the sh&& as well. Gosh I miss that guy!

Elliott has started with basketball. The high school coach has practices on Saturdays. Perhaps to groom them early.

Remember to support your local business establishments. Times are tough.

Until next week ...big hugs!
quote of the week: "Knowing what is right is like deep water in the heart; a wise person draws from the well within."

proverbs 20:5 The message.



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