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01/09/07 - 01/15/07
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Greetings from illsville. After having surgery I seemed to pick up the crude bug from my son and his classmates. I been ill all week. Laying low. Mind you watching crap on TV like Oprah. The View, Golden Globe Awards, American Idol. Do people really dig this? I guess it passed the time for me while I wasn't sleeping. I hope both Elliott and I can say goodbye to the crude bug once and for all!

Not much else to report on. Still there isn't enough snow to snowmobile. The weather says 3-6 inches tonight. I will keep on dancing. Meanwhile get up here and ice fish and support the local businesses. We need help! I sound like a broken record.

Our bowling team lost all 7 points. I heard this through cyberland. We haven't started off this half of the season very well. Well maybe next week!

The teams are narrowing for the road to the Superbowl. I am vying for Da Bears! It will take a miracle I am afraid. They aren't looking too pretty. Perhaps they will be hungry! One can only hope! Go Bears!

Thanks to everyone for their support while I and Elliott have been sick. You are the best. Thanks to all my employees who have covered for me and for others while they are sick or have other obligations. We must all stick together. Best wishes to Bonnie Jornd as she is awaiting surgery to mend her heart. Best wishes to Jan Vauk(Jenneane Lois's sister) as she faces surgery. Too all others in need of thoughts and prayers. Best wishes to all of you!

Until next healthy be safe and have fun!
hugs to all

Quote of the week: "A smile is the lighting system of the face and the heating system of the heart."  by Barbara Johnson



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