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01/16/07 - 01/22/07
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Greetings from all of us here in the north woods! We have been getting just light snows. An inch here and an inch there. We have maybe 4 to 5 inches on the ground. Trails are not open yet! Darn it! Dang it! Many people are ice fishing. Results have been favorable.

My Mom and Elliott and his buddy traveled to the Casino in Hinckley for some R & R on Sunday afternoon. We spent the night. Elliott did not have school on Monday. We had fun!

The flu bug seems to have caught many of us! Elliott has not felt well for 2 weeks. We seem to be passing it back and forth. I am not 100% but am doing better.

My condolences to Jean Friend on the passing of her husband Tom. Tom has been in Valley nursing home for quite some time. My condolences to the Mecikalski family on the loss of their father. I cannot believe these type of things happen in Barnes. Get well wishes to Bonnie Jornd as she is still in the hospital awaiting surgery. Get well wishes to Jan Vauk as she is recovering from surgery. I hope the prognosis is a good one! Good luck to Leslie Lois as she was bitten in the face by a dog. I wish you the best sweetie! To all those in need of prayers my heart is with you!

Pool league was fun as usual. Shots seem to flow and everyone has a good time. Not pool shots either! Ha ha!

I missed bowl for 2 weeks due to my surgery. Our team has faltered into last place. This week we did however manage to win one game. I bowled my average twice. My average is 138 and seems to be climbing! Yee haw! Must mean I am doing ok.

Still no news on the robbery of my place. I hope they had a nice Christmas on me! I do believe what comes around goes around. Enough said!

Elliott has started basketball on Saturday mornings. He loves it! I do believe he is going to be tall. The high school coach is instructing. Probably scouting for later on down the road. I think kids need to stay busy to keep out of trouble.

Remember Lore is still here on Wed nights. Come out and sing a bar or dance a bit!

We also have nightly specials and our Bloody Mary's for 2 bucks. Happy hour is Monday through Friday 3-6. Stop by and say hello!

Until next week big, big hugs and great health and much fun to all of you!

Quote of the week: "Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong." Ella Fitzgerald



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