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09/11/07 - 09/17/07
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Greetings from Barnes. Where it is like sportsman's paradise. Bear hunters, deer hunters, grouse hunters, fishing enthusiasts, ATVer's. Wow what a weekend! Not to mention golfers. We celebrated Nancy's 50th birthday with a bash! She certainly was surprised. A group of bear hunter's had their musical instruments so they played and everyone danced. It was a blast. The golfers have their own version of dancing...ceiling dancing now that was a trip! Not to mention the display of fireworks I heard Sunday morning early.

We received about 2 inches of rain on Tuesday. It was severe Tavern warnings. I hate when that happens. We need all the moisture we can get.

Monday I spent the day in Hurley. What's the saying Hurley, Hayward and Hell! I wonder where that phrase came from. Let me know if anyone knows? I had 8th district caucus meeting for the WI Tavern league. Our main issue is the smoking ban. We are fighting hard to keep it out. Also we have elections for President and will start endorsing presidential elections at our fall convention. These meetings are tough on a gal like me! I cannot say enough about the importance of this league. Just ask?

I did not bowl this week since I had my golf banquet and fun day. It was a fun day. Jan my partner and I did end up in 2nd place thanks to her. I had a blast golfing with her. The food at the banquet was great thanks to Rose Arndt. Also Audrey did a splendid job on prizes. See ya next year.

The Brewers are hanging tough. They are one game back of the Cubs. Go brewers. Packers looked good on Sunday they won. Go Pack. Try again next week Queens. Badgers won again as well. Go teams go!!!

On Wisconsin once again!

Elliott seems to be settling in at school. He hasn't said too much. I think he enjoys seeing the other children. He has another field trip next week. They are camping out at pigeon lake. He is a busy boy. He is also taking pledges for bowling for dollars for the Cable Lions club.

Thanks to all who patronized the Barnes Trading Post or Wilderness Inn on Labor Day. I donate the days sale to Drummond High School Scholarships in memory of my late husband Steven Hough. I will be granting one thousand in monies this spring. Thanks and remember this for next Labor day. I cannot believe Steve has been gone 9 years already. Wow time flies!

To my staff---You guys/gals are the best! I appreciate everyone of you! Keep up the great work. Thanks to everyone that pitches in when needed.

The VFW will have a raffle for the improvement fund on Saturday September 22. Come out and play some bingo and meet your friends and support the VFW.

Remember we serve food 7 days a week starting at 7 a.m. daily. Breakfast lunch and dinner! Anytime Bloody Mary's 2 bucks!
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The Motel is booking up fast for the fall especially on the weekends so if you are planning to reserve do so quickly! We do have availability for Hunting season and Thanksgiving!

Have a great week! Be safe this week!

Big hugs

Quote of the week: "The greatest gift we can give to one another is rapt attention to one another's existence." By Sue Atchley Ebaugh



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