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09/18/07 - 09/24/07
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Greetings from Barnes. Once again it is like a sportsman's paradise. Bear hunters, (not beer hunters) (leave it to Terriann) deer hunters, grouse hunters, fishing enthusiasts, ATV'ers, Harley riders and fall color watchers. Wow what a weekend! Not to mention golfers.

I had a busy weekend with much going on! Thanks Bruce and Doreen for the invite to the lamb roast. It was wonderful Marvin!

It was nice to see my friends from the Cities finally enjoy a nice weekend on their Harleys in Barnes. Kristi, I am so glad you could make it. My heart hurts for you! Lois, you are the best and so nice to see the gang even if the tour guide (Dale) wasn't feeling the best, you had a great time. I hope to see you again soon!

The VFW seemed to do well with their benefit on Saturday. I did not win anything but many did. The big money was won by Porky's friend. That's the best I can tell you.

Last week in bowling while I was gone the girls won 2 out of 5 points. This week while I was there I bowled my average 2 out of 3. I am not sure where the points went. Two of their girls had not established handicaps yet. I believe we won the first game for sure.

Way to go Packers...they won an important game so did the Badgers. The Brewers are trying to beat them Cubbies but it doesn't look good. Brewers are two games out. Come guys kick it in! Good Luck Packers this week they play the queens at the dome!

Elliott is quite the salesman as he is collecting money for bowling for dollars for the Lions Club. He has done a great job this far. He still has another week left.

Thanks to all who patronized the Barnes Trading Post or Wilderness Inn on Labor Day. I donate the days sale to Drummond High School Scholarships in memory of my late husband Steven Hough. I will be granting one thousand in monies this spring. Thanks and remember this for next Labor day. I cannot believe Steve has been gone 9 years already. Wow time flies!

To my staff---You guys/gals are the best! I appreciate everyone of you! Keep up the great work. Thanks to everyone that pitches in when needed.

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Have a great week! Be safe this week!

Big hugs

Quote of the week: Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength. By Corrie Ten Boom



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