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01/29/08 - 02/04/08
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Greetings from the frigid north. The weather has been up to no good! Not enough snow and too darn cold. The kids had both Tuesday and Wednesday off school. Tuesday was an ice storm and Wednesday was so darn cold the ice wouldn't melt.
Fishing has been good. Ask Wayne. He caught a 18lb 40 inch northern at the fishing contest. Too bad it was 10 minutes after it closed. He will have it is a beautiful fish!

Bowling was good. We bowled the other Barnes team. I think we won 2 games and took total. I bowled my average all three games. Jenneane said I get extra days. We don't get time off for bad behavior at the Trading Post we get extra days. Ha. Ha!

Pool was good as usual. The teams are all equal and anyone can be beaten on any given day. Larry and I played in a Scotch double pool tournament at Zar's in Ashland. We lost. Larry was feeling too well and I plain stink. It was fun and organized very well. Good Job!

Our annual 9 ball pool tournament will be April 26 starting at 11. Call for more information. Registration is recommended.

Sat Feb 2 will be a benefit for the Barnes area historical society. They are raising funds for a museum. There will be bingo and a drawing at the VFW. Come out and show your support.

The annual barstool races are Feb 16 at the Black Bear in Drummond. This is a do not miss event. We will be entering a stool as usual.

Elliott received his report card this week. Mom was very elated as he received all A's and B's. Way to go Elliott---Mom is very proud.

Not much else going on. We need snow and the cold can go away anytime!
Until next week....

Quote of the week: "Every survival kit should include a sense of humor." unknown author



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