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03/04/08 - 03/10/08
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Greetings from the land of coldest winter ever. Everyone is sick and tired of included. Maybe the time change will help. Remember to change your clocks ahead on Sat night.

The snowmobile trails are reported in very good conditions. There has been little use since the whole state has snow.

I am not sure about bowling as I was in Madison for legislature days. Madison is a fun town. Everyone seems to be getting the crude. I hope June and Karna feel better.

Pool saw many subs this week again. Me included. I won the empty 12 pack. Darn! Maybe it's the coach. Congrats to Ken he won all 4 games. No crappy flops for Harley this weekend, what's up?

Our 5th annual 9 ball tournament is April 26, 2008. Call for more information or to reserve your spot! We always have a good time!

Good luck to Lore Merrill as she is packing up and going to more prosperous territories. The best of luck to you and yours. We will sure miss you!

Thanks to all employees who pitched in to cover shifts while people have been sick. Welcome aboard Ashley!

Thank you to all of you for your support and patronage. All the best in 2008! Thank you to all my help. It is a great feeling knowing I can go away on vacation and rely and trust all of you! Your the best!

Remember we serve food 7 days a week starting at 7 a.m. daily. Breakfast lunch and dinner! Anytime Bloody Mary's 2 bucks!

Remember to reserve your rooms for this winter, rooms go fast when there is snow! We still have availability for this weekend. The big St Pat's/St Urho's parade in Barnes. It is always a great time.

Have a great week! Be safe!

Big hugs Sharon

Quote of the week: "Feel pride in how far you have come and confidence in where you are going."



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