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03/25/08 - 03/31/08

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Spring has officially started! Where you might ask? Not really around here as it has been cool and windy. The meltdown is continuing but it really should be much warmer. I am seeing a few snowbirds trickle in. Welcome back and I hope you had a great winter.

Ice fishing for pan fish has been great. Bluegills and crappies are the reported catch of the day! The reports are favorable for the ice conditions as well. You may want to take advantage of the lakes as there won't be too many weeks left of ice with the warm weather.

Bowling was not so good this week. We won only one one game and the opponents only had 3 players. I only made my average once. Boohoo--better luck next week!

Kudos to the Wisconsin Tavern League. We managed to keep the smoking ban out with strong lobbying from our delegates. In general, my opinions are that I do not favor smoking in general but there are ways to combat the situation in small business. I feel our rights in WI are little by little being dictated by the state or the "way out there" groups. What's next? If you are an WI establishment please join and support your WI Tavern League. Call my for an application or more information.

Pool was fun as usual. Thanks for subbing Tom and Bob Karna and John. Tom and Harlan won all 4 games...Tom winning the playoff. It was Mr Maint's birthday seems that Sweety Petey was thinking he was getting all the attention. Well shouldn't b-day boys?

Our 5th annual 9 ball tournament is April 26, 2008. Call for more information or to reserve your spot! We always have a good time!

Remember we serve food 7 days a week starting at 7 a.m. daily. Breakfast lunch and dinner! Anytime Bloody Mary's 2 bucks! Also FRIDAY Happy Hour buy one drink get one free and reduced price appetizers. Old-Fashioned Sundays are back! 3 Buck Old-fashioneds, martinis, and manhattans as well as reduced priced appetizers. 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. Coming in April customer appreciation month: Buy one large pizza get one small one-topping pizza free! Enjoy!!!

Remember to reserve for your summer events, rooms are booking up fast !

Have a great week! Be safe!
Big hugs to all of you!

Cheers Sharon

Quote of the week: "It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow."




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