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07/29/08 - 08/05/08

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Aloha! Howdy! Greetings! Welcome! Check it out! However you look at it nice to see you here and checking us out! Life has been very busy but fun! It always is hectic this time of the year. Hustle and bustle trying to fit everything in!

I know everyone gets tired about hearing about my golf game maybe that's all I have. Or maybe that's what I enjoy. So here goes.....Tuesday was the BIG start of the tournament at Hidden Greens I didn't golf too well but not real bad...I will have to pull one out of my sleeves next week. Wednesday at Forest Point I golfed much better. Last weekend was a tournament to benefit Drummond High School. Our team won that. Way to go Gary Teresa and Jim. It was fun!

I know it sounds like all I do is golf...I do put in time at the Trading Post. Elliott has vacation bible school this week at the Barnes Community Church. He loves it! Kudos to the youth team the kids really enjoy this!
He will also be leaving for Basketball camp on Saturday. It should be a very good experience for him!

This weekend will be be bustling around the Women's corn and brat, Lions softball tournament will be upon us. Go Wanderoos. This is the team I adopted or maybe they adopted me. Go girls go!!! It sure does help the local economy. Next weekend it will be the men's tournament. We will be vey busy for the next two weekends. Make hay will the sun shines is the plan.

My condolences to the Mary Wright family as she passed away last week.

Bill Rohde is in our thoughts and prayers as well! He is fighting the BIG C. He is surrounded by his loving family.

The weather has been fabulous. We did get a bit of rain this week which is always welcomed. The area is full of tourists: boating, fishing, ATVing, vacationing, resting and relaxing. Name your pleasure. Come up and enjoy our area!

I am tired of the Brett Favre thing move on both Brett and The Packers. Go Badgers! Go Brewers! There I put my two cents in!

Once again...I want to thank my staff for a job well done this crazy busy week. We all stuck together and kicked it in. It is nice to know I can count on each of you when I really need you! Your part of the reason The Trading Post is what it is!

The saferide program has officially started in Barnes. Ask the bartender if you would like a saferide home? For more information just call me 715-795-2320. Our local Ashland Bayfield County Tavern League will be hosting our fall fundraiser at Valhalla Pub and Grub in Washburn. Let me know if you are intersted in helping out! It will be Oct 26 a Packer bye week! Oh course who is thinking about the Packers right now!
NEW: Monday's buck a burger night from 6-9 dine in only! All you care to eat biscuits and gravy 5.95 everyday for Breakfast!

Remember we serve food 7 days a week starting at 7 a.m. daily. Breakfast lunch and dinner! Anytime Bloody Mary's 2.50! Also FRIDAY Happy Hour buy one drink get one free. Old-Fashioned Sundays are back! 3 Buck Old-fashioneds, martinis, and manhattans! 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. Enjoy!

Remember to reserve for your summer events, rooms are booking up fast !

Have a great week! Be safe!
Big hugs to all of you!
Cheers Sharon
Quote of the week: "Be slow in choosing friends, slower in changing." By Benjamin Franklin

"Live Large!!!!" by Sharon Hough :-)




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