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12/02/08 - 12/08/08

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Greetings from the land of snow cover. It seems we have been getting two inches of snow a day. My house is here! Now the set crew seems to be dragging their feet! Hopefully all will go smooth this week. We hope to start moving soon! Thanks to Mr. Maint we have keep it all together. You're the man! Special thanks to Harry and Sweety Petey for there shoveling efforts.

I didn't see many T-zone hunters but all that were here seemed to get their does. It doesn't help that it was 20 below and close to Xmas.
Things sure have slowed down in the north woods. Now we are patiently waiting for the snowmobilers. Conditions are improving daily.
Bowling was a nightmare for me. I did not get my average once. We lost all 3 games. Better luck next half of the season. We were in second place last week but with all the losses I am sure we dropped. Our annual Xmas party is this week.

Prayers continue for Jan as she is trying to get stronger and fight the BIG Joyce Zimm as well! Jenneane is down there right now for moral support. Good news for Nancy sister as the Cancer is contained right now.

A big warm welcome to Sam Shick as she joins the Trading Post team. Stop in and see/meet her Sunday nights!

Go Packers win win win! A tough loss last week. The Bears and Queens are duking it out. You know who I'd rather have win now don't you?

Thursday is our Pool league Xmas party. Everyone is welcome. We play pool and cribbage. It starts at 6 p.m. Come on over bring a dish to pass and let's party!

My condolences to Mac as he passed away last Friday. Mac owned the Ideal Lounge in Iron River and was a strong supporter of the Tavern League of WI. We sure will miss him! My condolences to Herman Heller's family he passed away as well. His family found him in the wine cellar, he enjoyed making wine. We will miss him as well!

Monday's buck a burger night from 6-9 dine in only!
Remember we serve food 7 days a week starting at 7 a.m. daily. Breakfast lunch and dinner! Anytime Bloody Mary's 2.50! Also FRIDAY Happy Hour buy one drink get one free. Old-Fashioned Sundays are back! 3 Buck Old-fashioneds, martinis, and manhattans! 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. Enjoy!

Remember to reserve for your winter getaways, rooms are booking up fast ! We still have availability for the New Years!

Until next week have a great week....catch you all later. Don't stress the isn't worth it! Remember the reason for the season!

Quote of the week: "The beauty seen is partly in him who sees it." By Bovee

"Live Large!!!!" by Sharon Hough :-)




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