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09/08/09 - 09/14/09

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Good Day to all my friends in Trading Post land. I am going to attempt to be right on schedule with my happenings page. I know I have slacked through the summer but what the hey it has been a lousy summer! The last two weeks have been fabulous. In the 80's and little precipitation. Although as usual we need rain! Rain-dance!

Life has been good around the Barnes area. People are abundant and having a gay ole' time. The Badgers have won two straight the Packers won their opening game. It doesn't get any better. Well maybe the Brewers could have had a better season and not let them Cardinals win the division. Go Pack beat the Bengals!!

I started bowling last week. I bowled 168, 122 and 121, respectively! The teams have changed and we are now Doorn's/Trading Post. New team perhaps new results. I know it will be a fun year no matter what. Golf is officially over. We did golf in Hidden Greens Tournament last Saturday. Scottie, Bob, John and Myself. We did not golf too well. We finished even but we had a nice time! The food was scrumptious. Way to go Bob and staff! There are two tournaments at Forest Point this weekend. I am not sure if we will participate.

Welcome to our new employee John Wanstreet. Stop by and wish him well. He is a nice gentleman. Happy 40th Anniversary wishes to Joan and Doug. Happy Birthday wishes to Nancy on Thursday.

A big heartfelt (and a little late) to all my employees for a job well done over the holiday. Labor day weekend is the second busiest weekend of the year. The 4th of July being the first and Memorial Day the 3rd. We had a decent summer business wise. Thanks to all of you for making this happen. You are the best.

The new hood is installed and the kitchen seems to be not as smoky. Thanks to Ken for all his hard work. Butchy baby's help is always appreciated. I don't want to forget Mikey either! Thanks guys!

Elliott has been in school two weeks now. He is loving it! He likes to mingle with his friends that he hasn't seen all summer. His new teacher is Mrs. Weibush. He also has Mr. Buran. Let's hope he has a stellar year! He is enjoying band this year. Music seems to be one of his passions. He loves the drums!

At the Trading Post we have daily Happy hours! Monday through Thursday 50 cents off a drink. Friday is two-fers! Buy one drink get one free! We also have food specials: Monday is our buck a burger night. Yes that's right a 1/4 lb burger for just a buck starting at 6 p.m. Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, soft-shell or hard just a buck! Wednesday is wicked wild wing night regular or hot wings just 35 cents a piece. Thursday is thirsted Thursday with eggrolls only one buck! Of course you can enjoy one of our famous homemade pizzas any time after 4 p.m. seven days a week! We also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner starting at 7 a.m. every day! Bloody Mary's anytime just $2.50. Stop by and enjoy!

Remember to book your rooms for the upcoming events. Rooms are filling up fast!
Until next week have a fabulous time. Drink Responsibly!


Quote of the week: "If I accept sunshine and warmth, then I must also accept the thunder and lightning." By Kahlil Gibran

"Live Large!!!!" by Sharon Hough :-)



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