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11/03/09 - 11/09/09

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Hello from the land of camouflage. There are hunters galore. This is a big week for bow hunting as the rut should be on. I have been hearing unfavorable reports on seeing deer. Are the wolves getting them? I truly believe so. I heard a pack just to the south of me last night. The DNR has to step up to the plate before something really bad happens. I have been to Drummond 4 or 5 times during peak hours of seeing deer, I have not seen any. It use to be you would see a ton! Please explain?

Speaking of hunting this will be Elliott's first year. Then can actually hunt at 10 with a parent an only one gun. On Monday of his birthday he can get a license and hunt a voice away from a parent. Joe Jalowitz is trying to work with him for bow hunting as well. Good luck Elliott! Bag the big one!

Elliott basketball team continues to improve a bit. He has scored a couple baskets. They definitely need more practice and experience. More aggression, but that will come.

Hey, what do you know, bowling was better last week. We won 5 of 7 points. Yippee! I had over 400 for 3 games. WOW! Thanks Nancy and Gail for filling in! Hopefully we will continue this streak!

Elliott's quarter at school is over. His preliminary grades look fine. I have conferences on Thursday! I sure all will be well.

Nov 10 was my Mom's 2 year anniversary of her passing. I can not believe 2 years has gone by. RIP MOM, I miss you terribly.

The weather has been ok thus far this week. At least the sun is shining. I believe this was our Indian Summer as they call it.

Way to go Badgers they beat Indiana. Not so good news for the Packers. Good luck at home this Sunday playing Dallas.

My get well wishes for Chad Howe, Jenneane's son. He is recovering at home with pneumonia, strep throat and complications from the H1N1 virus. Get well Chad! My sincere condolences to the Mary Foss family and to the Diane Rybak family as they passed away this past week.

Farewell to Cheryl as she makes her winter trip to Florida. We sure will miss you and we will see you in the spring. Thanks for a great job this summer. Be safe!

A big welcome to Kate O'Keefe as she starts employment with the Trading Post.

Anyone interested in playing pool on Thursday nights please contact me or the bar 715-795-2320 bar, 715-795-2319 house.

At the Trading Post we have daily Happy hours! Monday through Thursday 50 cents off a drink. Friday is two-fers! Buy one drink get one free! We also have food specials: Monday is our buck a burger night. Yes that's right a 1/4 lb burger for just a buck starting at 6 p.m. Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, soft-shell or hard just a buck! Wednesday is wicked wild wing night regular or hot wings just 35 cents a piece. Thursday is thirsted Thursday with eggrolls only one buck! Of course you can enjoy one of our famous homemade pizzas any time after 4 p.m. seven days a week! We also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner starting at 7 a.m. every day! Bloody Mary's anytime just 2. 50. Stop by and enjoy!

Remember to book your rooms for the upcoming events. Rooms are filling up fast! We still have openings for the Thanksgiving Holiday week of deer season.
Until next week have a fabulous time. Drink Responsibly!


Quote of the week: "We should be patient with everyone, but above all with ourselves." Unknown author.

"Live Large!!!!" by Sharon Hough :-)



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