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Town of Barnes History
Bayfield County Wisconsin


Town of Barnes Founded 1905 by George S. Barnes

Tribute to Mr. Barnes

George S. Barnes

A Tribute to Residents was built during the Bicentennial Year 1976 This Tribute can be found in front of Barnes Town Hall

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George S. Barnes, left, founder of Town of Barnes, 1905. On right, friend Judge Hart of Washburn, WI. photo taken about 1915

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BerriesThe Town of Barnes is a town of four seasons. The summer is for fishing, hiking, swimming, water skiing and for picking wild blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and many others. When the crops are plentiful they are canned and taste very good during the winter months. The winters are for the great sport of snowmobiling for the natives and people from Drummond, Solon Springs, Iron River, etc. as there are well marked trails. Also, for those from the larger cities who have summer homes here and come for the week-ends to enjoy their snowmobiles. Ice fishing is also popular and enjoyed by many people.

As we celebrated the Bi-Centennial year, our thoughts went back to the years before, to the older generations and their early struggles. The occasion of the Bi-Centennial has provided us with a unique opportunity to look back on our nation's history and assess both our revolutionary contributions and the areas in which we still need to make a great deal of progress.

by: Virginia M. Wilkinson

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Our story begins in 1888 .............

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