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Wolf Room

Some comments from our guests:

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1/5/02 –
The place was wonderful, the pizza in the bar was great. Todd, Susie, Jody, Mark


1-12-02 --
This is our second time staying at the Wilderness Inn. We were fortunate enough to be among the first guests to stay when the Inn opened on December 15 2001. Our first stay was in the Wolf Room, which was a pure delight.
The rustic furniture made of pine and the attention to detail is absolutely divine! Sharon is a brave, honest, industrious young mother who has had the courage to forge on in life after so many unfortunate circumstances in her life. She has been a real inspiration to my husband and I. We admire her and appreciate her since my husband was diagnosed with prostate and lymph cancer just before x-mas 2001-we are even more determined to return to this area which my husband loves so much.
– Having these beautiful and affordable rooms makes it easy for us to visit. Thank you Sharon for all your hard work. You are a true visionary! Dan and Marge


1/13/02 –
Great place to stay, we’ll be back. Denise, Halden, Beth, Darrin – Downing, WI


1/27/02 –
Magical night in the "wolf room", a beautiful room, wonderful companion I shall always remember this room, this town, the great people and the night of many words shared that the mysterious "wolves" bring out in all of us. Thank you! Joe



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